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Our main goal is to show students how to have fun playing music. It is this one objective that motivates our students as well as our staff.  In our private lessons we will teach proficiency.  In the group rehearsals the students will apply what they have learned in the private lessons with band mates who are doing the same.  Playing music with band mates = fun!  All students are "rockin" at the first rehearsal.  We only use top-of-the-line professional equipment.

Our mission at Bert Elliot's School of Rock (BESOR) is to inspire young artists to reach their fullest musical and performance potential.  We approach these goals through the act of doing!  We involve each artist (student) by immersing them in rock music.

Students will learn proficiency on their instrument by studying with experienced, qualified rock musicians.  Our main focus at BESOR is our exciting, highly-charged rock band program.  Our highly-skilled faculty will guide each student through the rock band experience.

We at BESOR will prepare young musicians with the tools required to play in a  "live" rock band.  To achieve this, we will teach our students formal ear training drawing inspiration from standard rock songs of the past.  This is one way to help the sutdents understand song form, chord structure and the sounds of these recordings.  As part of the creative process, we will teach students how to compose original songs, both in a one-on-one and group setting.  Students will learn what if feels like to open up and contribute their personal musical knowledge and style to their peers.  We at The School of Rock will focus on the past, present and future of rock music.  Knowledge of the music from the 1950's through today is imperative to becoming a successful contemporary songwriter in any genre.  Students will learn and rehearse inside a first-class, five-room, contemporary recording studio.