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  • Play in a band
  • Learn the role of each instrument in a rock band
  • Ear training
  • Basic reading of music
  • Guidance to individual basic instrument playing skills
  • Learning the role of different "effects" in songs
  • The utilization of acoustic instruments versus electric instruments
  • Learning how to set-up sound systems and personal equipment
  • How to utilize amplification in a group (band) environment
  • Interpersonal relationships within bands; compromise is a key to succeeding as a band
  • Learn how to write, develop and fine-tune songs with band members
  • All rehearsals and training will lead to a live band performance
  • Rehearse and record in a professional recording studio
    1. Record a band demo CD
    2. Record a solo project demo CD
  • Basic recording program
    1. How to record musical instruments
    2. Midi recording
    3. Learning and navigating a professional recording console
    4. Usage of patchbays
    5. The function of a producer n a recording studio
    6. Mixdown process
    7. Use of effects (reverb, delay, gates, compression, etc.)
    8. Basic knowledge of computer recording