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Monday, September 12, 2011

Asylum In Playland

"Asylum In Playland"

Hi folks,
I wanted to let everyone know that you can buy my new cd at http://www.cdbaby.com and itunes. I'm so excited about the release. I am also hoping to go to Europe this winter with Stu and Atma. We wanna rock this music live. I feel so blessed to have these amazing musicians on my team. In N.Y I have an amazing band that consists of Dave Trupia (bass),Paul Presario (drums),and Will Burgaleta (keys). Theses guys are some tasty fellows. I really like playing at the Bitter End for the vibe and the sound. We are playing there on Oct.8th at 7:00. I hope to see you there. Well, thats it for now.

Utilizing The Internet To make  a professional CD

Making a CD utilizing the internet

Hi everyone,
I am writing this blog to share my experiences from my new CD, 'Asylum In Playland'. I found it fascinating and extremely rewarding doing this cd and wanted to share my experience with you all.

My new cd featuring Stu Hamm,Atma Anur, and N.Y. Yankee great Bernie Williams is finished.
The record was 2 years in the making but I'm so happy with the final product. This is a project that was recorded utilizing the internet.As many records are done these days.But it still blows my mind. The drums were recorded in Krakow Poland,the bass in California,and Bernie Williams in New York. I put the demo references together in my studio in N.Y. then sent the tracks to Stu.He put his bass tracks down and sent the wave files back to me. Then I sent Atma the demo with the new bass tracks.I had to make a decision as to who to send the demo to 1st.(Drums or bass)I decided to send it to Stu 1st for his melodic and harmonic input. It really could have gone either way. Atma then took Stu's tracks and played to his tracks picking up little subtleties that Stu played. This gave the rhythm track ALOT of continuity. It sounds like they played in the same room at the same time. Blew my mind! The tracks could have sounded quite sterile and disconnected. But just the opposite happened. Hearing the results allowed me to add my overdubs with much inspiration! Bernie then got his track with all the final (keeper) tracks. And of course he killed his track with a feel and technique that was awe inspiring to say the least.
Almost forgot, we did something that was very unconventional. Atma mixed his drum tracks 1st before I mixed the whole CD.He eq'd,edited,etc..If anyone knows about drum sounds its Atma. I was a little skeptical about mixing the cd in this way.Reason being that the bass and drums need to be eq'd with everything else took that away. But.It worked!!
This is a condensed version of the sessions but you can get the idea of the process.
You can give a listen at any online distributors. Please let me know your thoughts.


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