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Bert Elliot is a virtuoso guitar player who been playing as a professional for over 30 years. Bert has toured nationally and internationally with many successful artists.Bert's experience makes him a true 'rock star'. His life's travels as a studio/touring musician makes his school of rock unique and special. Bert's passion is to pass his knowledge on to his students. If you would like to meet Bert you can email us at jam@schoolofrockny.com  or call us at 845 641 5727

We have a very exciting new addition to our Rockland Music Rock School. Bert has his own radio show streaming live on Wed. from 3-5:00 on http://www.unir1.fm  We have our students doing live concerts which will be broadcast all over the world!!!




We are the number Rockland music school in the Hudson Valley area.We offer guitar,voice,bass,piano,audio advice, audio engineering in professional recording studio. We teach all levels of proficiency.Beg-advanced students.



Register now for our Winter Band music rock band classes.. We offer real live bands for your young musicians. All levels accepted. This is not just a school for music. It is an experience to learn how and what it takes to rock on a real band. Your rock stars will be put into a band and begin rockin on the very first day. They will be placed in groups according to their own proficiency level. They will learn how to improvise, write a song, learn basic recording in a professional recording studio,they will also learn several songs that will culminate in an end of camp concert for their friends and families. All students will go home with a professional recording of the songs they have learned. Our faculty consists of  professional working musicians with a 'Masters Degree' in Music Education. Our sessions fill up fast. Please send in the registration form to hold  a spot open for your rocker. We look forward to kickin the jamz with your future rock stars. All ages are welcome.







The only real way to learn how to play in a band is by actually doing it. We teach by doing! You will rock in your 1st band session. Come join the fun..



Our music school is located in Pomona N.Y. in the Hudson Valley.
We are also accepting students for private leassons on the guitar,drums,piano.and basic recording techniques.

We also offer lessons on guitar,bass,drums,piano,and voice. All levels may apply. The price is 35.00 per 1/2 hour. 






Bert Elliot's School of Rock brings to the NY area, specifically the Rockland County/Hudson Valley area,  the opportunity for young kids to have fun playing music.  In addition to offering private singing lessons, private piano lessons, private guitar lessons, etc., we offer kids the opportunity to apply what they learn in their private lessons in band sessions.   Each student will be placed in a band of his/her proficiency and learn how to collaborate with other band members and learn/play fun rock music.  Plus they will be doing this inside a professional recording studio!  

For more information, please go to our Frequently Asked questions page. 

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You can also purchase Bert's new cd "Asylum In Playland'.It features N.Y. Yankee great Bernie Williams,Stu hamm,and Atma Anur.

Go to http://www.cdbaby/bertelliot1 or itunes to buy it. 

By the way,you are listening to Bert's instrumental version of Eric Claptons "Layla". From his new cd "Asylum In Playland".


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